1. Go to the administration - admin5.imageshop.no

2. Upload the files you want to tag / or mark images that allready are in your Imageshop and click "Tag Assets".
Here you can read about how to upload files.

3. Click the line of the language you want to tag the files with. 

4. "English"

  • Fill in name, decription, copyright, credits and keywords.

5. Photographer/Geography 

  • Choose a photopraher in the drop-down meny or click "add photographer" fill in the information and click "Add"
  • Add information on where the image was taken under geography. If the image has GPS koordinates in the metadata you can skip this step. If not click the box for GPS and search for an adress and click on the correct location on the map. 

6. Distribution

  • This is where you deside where the file should be published. If you want the image to be visible for all users click "visible for user". 

7. Categories

  • Click the categories you want. 

8. When you have all the information in the form to the left filled inn mark all the images you want to upload or click "select all" 

9. Click "Add"