It is possible to change logo, colors, texts and pictures for the different interfaces. You need to have an admin user to be able to change this. 

1. Go to admin. 

2. Click you name in the upper, right corner and choose "Configuration". 

Under "frontend configurations" you can see all type of configurations you can administrate yourself. We will give you an introductions to all of these. 


Contact us: 

Here you can change the text shown in the tab "Contact us", available in the different user interfaces. You can change the text for all languages chosen for your Imageshop lisence. 

Write the new headline and text. This has to be done for all languages. Click "Save changes". 


You can change colors on all, or just one/some interfaces. The display is set on "default", but you can change interface by clicking on the name of the interface in top. Insert the code for the color you want to use in the box. If you only want to change for chosen interface, click "Save changes". If you want to save the changes to multiple interfaces, click on the name of the interfaces next to the "Copy current interface to" and then click the "Copy current interface to"-button.  


You can chose which information fields to be displayd on each interface. This can be turned on/of in each interface separately, or you can cply one change to all interfaces. 


If you have access to the cropping module, you can add different profiles for cropping. Click "Create new cropping profile, insert the height x with of the profile and enter a name (inn all available languages). 

You can select which interfaces this cropping profile is available for. Then "Save".

Logos and Banners: 

It is easy to update logos, main banner, log-in banner and favicon in each of the Imageshop interfaces you own. 

Replace or add the files you want to change. You can either save on each interface, or copy to all interfaces at the bottom of the page. You can also use different logos for different languages available. 

Browser Titles:

You can select what to be displayd as title in the different Imageshop browsers. Write inn the title for each page and language and "Save". 


Here you can change the text for the start page of the different interfaces. It can be changed in all languages. 



In "Categories" you can change the names of the category trees for each language. You can also select which category tree to be available for each interface. 

You can even deside if the fiter for a category tree shoyld work as "AND" / "OR" and if default setting is open or closed. 

Preview and Publish: 

After making the changes you want, it can take up to one hour until it is displayd on the interfaces. You can preview the changes, to see how it looks, or you can publish directly to push the update imediately.