How to clean up the Pool in Imageshop?

If you select files to Imageshop without adding them, the files are automatically added to your Pool so that they are available the next time you log in and click on "Upload Assets" in the administration. Now the routines will change and it is important that you go through the files in the pool and add them or delete files that are not to be added in Imageshop.

You do it like this:

- Go to Admin

- Click "Upload Assets"

All files located under the "Drag and drop" area are files located in your pool:

Enter information in the form on the left and add files to be included in the image bank. To delete files, you can select them (or click "select all" to select all) and click "Delete selected files" at the bottom of the form on the left side. 

Are there other users who have files in pool?

You can go through all pools to check if there are files to be added / deleted.

- Click on the drop-down menu "Pool" at the top

- Click on the name of the users in the list to see if there are files in the pools.

All files in the pool are moved to "Archive" 10.08.22

As of 10.08.22, all files that are in the pool and have not been added will be removed and moved to "Archive". You will get a new button called "Archive" under "Upload Assets" at the very bottom of the form on the left. There you can click in to delete / add the files to Imageshop. The archive is temporary and all files will be permanently deleted if they have not been added to Imageshop by 10.11.22

Change in routines around "Pool" from 10.08.22

10.08.22 the routines around "Pool" during uploading in the administration will change. Files that have been in the catalog for 3 months without being uploaded to Imageshop will be deleted automatically.


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