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Files in Imageshop are sorted in the order in which the files are loaded into Imageshop. This means that you can always see the latest files that you have loaded at the top of your screen. In this way, you can also easily see that files you have just added have actually entered Imageshop.

Inside Imageshop Admin, you can change the sorting order of your files when you do a search. For example. you can set "digitization date" or "Name" as the sorting criterion for the search. If you set "digitisation date", "descending" as the sorting criterion, the files will be sorted with the most recent files at the top.

When you press "Clear search", the sorting returns to the default, which is upload time, descending. It is also possible to have the default sorting changed to digitization time, descending, instead of upload time, descending. Contact Imageshop to make this change.

Sorting using groups

There is an even more advanced way to sort files. You can create sort groups, place your files inside the groups, change the order of the sort groups and even change the position of each individual file inside the individual group, using drag & drop.

To use this option, you must contact Imageshop for activation. It is not enabled by default.

This is what you do:

  1. Create sort group(s):

Go to Your name (top right in admin), Configuration, Sorting

       2.  Give the sort groups a drag drop order

Drag the anchor to the left of the name of the sorting group and drag the group vertically to the correct position.

       3. Move files to the sorting groups

- Press "Home" in admin and then select files that you want to move to a sorting group.

- Press “Tag”.

- Select relevant files for a specific sorting group or select all if they all go to the same group.

- Select the relevant "Priority order" at the bottom left of the screen and the name of the sorting group to which you want to move the files.

- Select Advanced settings” and “Overwrite existing tagging”

- Press “+Tags” to move the files to the sorting group.

Otherwise, remember that you can also move files to the sorting group at the same time as you load the images into the image bank initially.

4. Drag and drop the files in each group to the desired location

Return to “Configuration”, “Sorting”

Click on "number of files" in the sorting image above to see and change the location of each individual file in the group. Press "Save" when you are finished.

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