The best way to upload photos is to upload a collection of files that have many similarities and thus should be tagged with much of the same information when uploading. It can typically be a collection of files of a product type, from an event or the like. If you are going to upload videos, audio files, PDF or other file types, it is done in the same way.

1. Go to the administration - If you are logged in to the user interface, you will find a direct link to admin in the right corner.

2. Click "Upload Assets" in the left corner in the administration. 

3. Drag and drop the files you want to upload or click "Add Files" and choose the images you want to upload.

4. Click "Start upload" and the images will show with a thumbnail. 

5. Add the information you want to tag the files with in the form on the left side. 

6. You can select some of the images you want the information on or click "select all" if you want identical information on all the files.

Read the article about how to tag files here.

7. Press the blue "Add" button at the bottom. The selected images will now go away from the upload page and you will be left with the other images that were not selected. Now you can make small changes to the form on the left, select the next bulk of photos and upload them. This is how you work your way through all the files you are going to upload.

8. The files will now be published to your Imageshop.