Active Directory integrasjon

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This article gives a technical description of how to integrate Imageshop with Active Directory


Single Sign-On (SSO) with Active Directory (AD) can be set up for Imageshop bases or interfaces. The requirement for the integration is an ADFS server or identity providers with WS-FED support or Azure AD for the organization integrating with Imageshop.

If group memberships for the user is forwarded to Imageshop (through AD FS or Azure AD), this can be used to give the user access to specific interfaces based on group membership. Default behavior is that all AD users are given access to the internal and public interface (if such exists), and forwarded to the internal interface when accessing Imageshop through AD, but this can be changed so that AD users will be given access to any interfaces as default or specific interfaces for certain groups.

A specific domain has to be chosen for the AD integration. Optionally all other domains pointing to this interface can be redirected to the AD domain to force AD sign in for all users accessing this interface. In the examples below, I have used, but this needs to be replaced by the actual domain agreed upon with Imageshop during the setup process.

If the user already exists during login with Active Directory, the user access will remain the same as it was (no additional access will be given and no access will be removed). This means that if an Imageshop Administrator changes the access or blocks a user in Imageshop, the user will be granted / denied access accordingly.

See below for a detailed description of how to integrate with Azure AD (option 1) and how to integrate with ADFS and other providers (option 2).

Option 1: Azure AD setup

Imageshop has to be added with correct url in the format *.imageshop.<no|dk|se|org>. Usually <organization> or similar is used, but this must be agreed upon. Imageshop needs the metadatafile for setup in Imageshop.

In this example we are using as AD url. Use the domained agreed upon with Imageshop.

Go to Azure Active Directory and create a new registration for your domain. Use the domain agreed upon for in the "redirect URI" field.

See below for further settings. Replace all occurrences of in the screenshots below with your own domain for connecting with Imageshop provided by us.


Enter the application ID url here. 

In the end, Imageshop needs the federationmetadata url and the Application ID URI for the integrasjon to be able to connect. Send this to your contact person. 

Option 2: Integration with ADFS or other identity providers with WS-FED support

  • Preferably public certificates should be used for token signing, token decryption and service communication, if Imageshop should be able to verify the certificate. Otherwise we will have to run without certificate validation or install the root certificate at the Imageshop server.
  • Send address of Federationmetadata to Imageshop. Typically it is placed at https://hostname/federationmetadata/2007-06/federationmetadata.xml. Check if it is externally available before sending the address. Otherwise the xml can be sent directly to us (
  • We will then send an XML file to you, so you can set up the relying party trust.
  • Relying party trust must have the following claims: Note that “Token-Groups” are not mandatory if Imageshop should not to filter access based on this.

  • Set the ADFS server in the intranet zone in Internet Explorer.
  • If auto sign on doesn’t work locally, setspn -S http/<adfs server url> <computer name> might fix it depending on which user the AD FS services run as.

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