You can upload images in Imageshop directly from lightroom (NB, this is an additional module please contact  if you want more information about this).

To do this, follow these steps:

To be able to upload via lightroom, you must first download an ad-in for FTP upload.

2. Go to admin (

3. Press "edit" -> "Auto publishing"

4. Find your user and find your username and password.

5. Press "edit"

6. Fill in the fields you want to be filled in on photos you upload via lightroom (for example: copyrights, credit, photographer, etc.).

7. Upload the photos from lightroom with FTP

8. Go to admin (

9. Press "upload"

10. Press "Catalog" you want to find your photos under your user.

11. Fill in the info in the form on the left, select images and press "add" the images are then published in Imageshop.