How to create an album

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In Imageshop you have the opportunity to create albums where you can create collections of images that appear in a separate interface with its own URL. This is an additional feature, if you want more information about price

you can contact

How to create an album:

1. Go to admin (

2. Click "edit" and "album"

3. Click "Create Album", the album will have an auto-generated name with the current date and your username. You can change this and then click "Create and start adding assets"

4. Use categories and free text search to find the photos you want in your album.

5. Select all the images you want to add so that they have a blue border around them.

6. Press "add album" all photos added will get a blue dot in the left corner.

Settings and description for the album:

7. Click on the name of the album in the top left corner.

8. Under your chosen language you can add the name and description of your album that will appear on the album page, and translate this to all language used. 

9. Under "Access to album" you can choose whether the album should be open to everyone or whether users must log in to download the photos.

10. Under "Distribution" you can select which interface the album should be on under the "album" tab in the user interface.

11. You can change the "cover image" of the album by holding over the image and pressing "cover" so that it turns dark blue.

12. Click "save"

How to view and send the album:

1. When you are inside the album, you can press "view album" to enter it directly. There, users can search and download the images they want.

2. To send the album, you can press "send album" and enter the e-mail addresses you want to send to. Write a text and press "send" they will then get a direct link to the album sent by email.

3. To exit the album function, press "Exit album" and will then be sent back to the imageshop home screen.

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