An album is a collection of files that easily can be shared with an URL. Albums can be "intern", where the user need to log in to see / download the content, "public", where you can see the files, but need to log in to download content, or "full public" where everyone with the URL can see and download the content.
Album is an addittional module, please contact for more information. 

Albums can be found under the tab "Album" in the top menu:

You can search for an album using the free text in the "search" box.

To open an album, just click on the album cover image. 

If you want to share the album with someone inside / outside your organisation, you just copy the URL. An album will act as a simpliefied user interface where you can search and download files. 

You can find out if an album is open, closed or partly closed by using the "Display options" > "Show Key info".