With projects you can easily create collections of files, you can share the project with colleagues or other users in the solution. You can add / remove photos, add comments and easily download / send all photos from a project. 

1. Click on the menu item "Projects"

2. Click "create new project" and give your project a name. 

3. To add photos, click "home", find the photos you want to add, select the photos and click "add to project". Return to menu item "projects".
- To share the project, click "share", enter the emails of people you want to share the project with.

- You can add comments on the project or on each individual photo. 

- To send / download all the images in a project, you can click "Add all to basket" in the right corner. The files are then added to "My download" where you can send or download. 

- In the menu to the left you have an overview of your own projects and projects shared with you.