If your images are tagged with metadata contained in the image, it is possible to get this information directly into Imageshop without having to tag the images again. This is something you can fix yourself in the administration.

- Go to admin - admin5.imageshop.no

- Click on your name in the right corner -> "configuration"

- Click “Metadata”

- Here you can choose which information from the metadata is to be displayed in the various fields in Imageshop.

If you are unsure which field is correct, you can upload a test image first.

- Upload an image you know already has metadata in it without adding any information in Imageshop.

- Click on the image by clicking on the info sign at the bottom right.

- Scroll down below the image and click on “Metadata”

- There you see the information in the picture. Then go back to configuration and fill in the fields you want.