If a standard user has uploaded files using the user interface, these have to be approved by an editor or administrator.
Front-end uplaod is an addittional module where all users can upload files, without the need to give them administrator rights. Please contact support@imageshop.no for more information about this module. 

1. Go to "Upload" > "Uploads". There you can see all files waiting to be addproved.

2. To check if the files has been uploaded with sufficient information, you can use the display options in upper right hand corner, and turn on "Show Key information" and "Show asset details".

3. You can edit the information by clicking on the file and choose "Edit page" in the "Editors section".

4. You can also approve or delete the file you have opened, from the "Editors section". When you approve the file, you can select for which interfacesthe file should be available.  

Approve / Delete multiple files at the same time:

1. Go to "Upload"> "Uploads".

2. Click on one image and drag the cursor to mark the files you want to approve. (Or hold Ctrl and click on each image). 

You can choose "select all" if you want to approve/delete all files. 

3. Click "Approve" or "Reject and remove all".

4. Select for which interface the files should be available, and click "Approve".
The files will now be published and available for the interface(s) selected.