How to add, edit and delete categories

Modified on Tue, 31 Oct 2023 at 12:10 PM

In the administration, you can add, edit and delete categories. Categories in Imageshop are made up of category trees (drop-down menu) which in turn contain main categories and subcategories. There is no limit to the number of categories.

In the user interface, only categories that have content are displayed, it is therefore important that you tag images with a new category for it to be displayed. It can also take up to 1 hour for a new category to appear the first time it is used. You can "force" the category by publishing: your name in the right corner -> configuration -> publishing.

You will find the page for managing categories like this:

- Go to admin -

- Click on “Edit” -> “Categories”

Add new category tree / delete a category tree:

- Click on "Add new category tree" at the bottom of the left side and enter the name of the category tree, if you have several languages you must fill in for each language before you

- To delete a category tree, you must delete all main + subcategories associated with the tree first. Then you will get a "Delete" button next to the name of the category tree.

Add a new main category:

- Click "Add main category" under the category tree you wish to add a category under. Enter the name of the category, if you have several languages you must fill in for each language.

- To delete a main category, you must click on the category you want to delete (Note, all subcategories must be deleted before the main category can be deleted), Click "Delete" on the far right of the page.

Add subcategory:

- To add a subcategory: tap on the main category where you want to add a subcategory.

- Press “+ Subcategory” and enter the name of the subcategory and save.


Change order of categories:

- You can change the order of main categories + subcategories using "drag and drop".

Video shows how to add category to Imageshop:

Video shows how to remove category from Imageshop:

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