We use Google Authenticator for 2-factor login to enhanced security when logging in to the Imageshop administration. You must enter a 6 digit code received from the Google Authenticator app after entering your username and password. Google Authenticator must be installed on the phone and is available for iOS or Android.

To enable 2-factor authentication, you must be logged into the Imageshop Administration pages. The description below applies to version 5 of the admin (released spring 2018). After logging in, you can apply two-factor authentication for your user by going to "My Page" up in the right hand corner.

Or turn it on for another user by going to the user list (Edit -> Users) and pressing "Edit" on the user for whom you want to activate 2-factor authentication. Then click 2-factor login under "Settings" on the user.

Once this is done, the user scans the QR code in Google Authentication and click “save” to enable 2-factor login. At the next login, the user will be prompted for an authentication code after the username and password are entered. Use the Google Authenticator login code to sign in.

If you want to turn off the 2-factor login, turn it off and click “save”.